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So what do CERT actually do?

I suppose its quite damming in some ways but the question "So what do CERT actually do" is one that we are asked quite often. Given that we do a wide range of work across lots of sectors its not really surprising - it probably says a lot about our marketing though!

CERT has several area of work;

Consultancy - work to help individuals and organisations optimise their performance

Training and Development - Apprenticeships, traineeships, management training, teacher training

Learning - Training in skills to help people into work

Business Support - Helping businesses and in particular social enterprises to deliver and grow

Programme development - Innovating solutions that address social issues

We have decided to let everyone interested in our work know a bit more about us and so we are occasionally going to share a project or piece of work in the hope that we can shed some light on how we might be able to assist you in realising your organisations ambitions.

Neil King - Director

The first one that we would like to share is the PSMDB project that we designed and now mange on behalf of the North East Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Group.

The project funds new ideas the impact on people's health and well-being. Our programme seeks to establish innovative and financially sustainable services that will enable people in need to avoid hospital admissions, stay in their own homes longer and ensure that people can lead as normal a life as possible during an illness or as a result of incapacity.

By achieving this we want to;

  • Ensure that the people we care for have the best care possible, in settings that they choose and delivered by providers they know and trust

  • Reduce the costs to the NHS

  • Help organisations to work in partnership to deliver bigger and better services

  • Increase the sustainable income available to local organisations

  • Delay the need for residential care and hospital admissions

  • Reduce visits to casualty departments

  • Reduce the pressure on G.P practices

  • Keep people fitter and healthier

We have produced a 15 minute video that tell you about the project or you can visit for details and application forms

As always we are always pleased to hear from you so if you fancy a chat please get in touch!

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