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Free tool to help charity leaders understand value of digital

A new resource called Why do digital? has been launched to help charity chief executives and trustees understand the benefits of embracing new technology.

People working in digital and technology teams in charities frequently cite lack of understanding from senior leadership teams and trustees as barriers to obtaining buy-in from senior leaders, which is why Platypus Digital has put together the toolkit.

Those who sign up for the resource will be emailed once a day with ten “bite-sized” pieces of content that can be read in two minutes to help them understand different aspects of digital.

Topics covered in the toolkit include key trends, fundraising, service delivery and culture.

Matt Collins, director of Platypus Digital, said: “We looked around the current messages about adoption of digital in charities, and realised the question ‘Why should we do digital?’ simply wasn’t being answered. Everything covered what to do and how to do it.

“So we wanted to take the debate back a step, and try to answer that absolutely fundamental question.

“We strongly believe that lack of funding is the big problem. And a sector that fully understands why it should do digital will soon find that to be less of a problem.”

You can sign up for 10 emails that will tell you

  • Why you need to do digital

  • Things you think will work online... but don’t

  • Why delivering your charity's service online is key to retaining supporters

  • Digital communications, and getting your message heard online

  • Why digital fundraising is vital to recruiting and keeping donors

People can access the tool via the Why do digital? website.

- See more at:

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