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How can we convince trustees that social investment is a good option?

CERT have been working with a wide range of charities under a Barrow Cadbury Connect Fund project that aims to demonstrate how organisations have used social finance to develop their organisations and reduce their reliance on grants.

One question that keeps recurring is how to convince risk averse trustees to consider borrowing money as a sustainability option.

CERT are very fortunate to have a network of people that we work with, many of whom we have assisted to take on investment and who are happy to share their experiences with other organisations. This has proved a very effective way of addressing the concerns of people who doubt the value of social investment.

But what if you don't have access to a network or if you don't know of anyone who can talk to your trustees?

Big Society Capital have the solution. They operate a programme called "GET INFORMED" that offers practical support and guidance including free mentoring to help board members of charities and social enterprises understand the opportunities and risks of social investment.

GET INFORMED offers free mentoring support to charities and social enterprises who are exploring repayable options. For mentors on the programme, it is a fantastic way to give back and help others build their skills and confidence on social investment.


Mentors will provide at least 8 hours of support to you over a 6 to 12 month period. Where possible, they will match you with someone close to you. But if this isn't possible, mentoring may also take place over telephone, skype or email.

Mentoring is peer support in the form of sharing knowledge, skills, experience, opinion, informal advice.

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