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The HR health check: An essential checklist for any growing social enterprise

Whether you’re about to hire your first employee, or you’ve already got a team, it’s well worth making sure your HR policies and procedures are in good health.

Understanding what’s required can be daunting – so our partners at Buzzacott have drawn up a handy checklist to keep you on track

Hiring your first employee is a big milestone, and well worth celebrating. But as you grow in size, managing a workforce brings a whole new set of obligations.

You’re now responsible not only for someone’s pay-cheque, but also for a whole host of legal requirements that you may never have thought about.

From written disciplinary processes to making sure contracts are compliant with the latest legislation, understanding all your responsibilities can be a challenge without specialist help.

The experts at Buzzacott have put together this checklist, tailored specifically for UK-based social enterprises, to clarify what’s legally required and what’s recommended. Check your policies and processes now to make sure you’re on track – or to find out what you need to update or put in place.

Investing the time now to make sure your HR policies and procedures are in good nick makes for happy, healthy and motivated employees – and means you can focus on your social mission, not on grievances, fines or even lawsuits.

Download the checklist here

Note that this checklist is aimed at UK-based organisations, and was last updated April 2019. If you’re based outside the UK, you should check with an HR expert in your own jurisdiction.

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