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Resources for Social Enterprise

These resources have been created for social enterprises to use in their own press releases and communications to show they are part of a wider movement of business for good. Whenever you go out to press we encourage you to shout out loud that you are a social enterprise!

Boiler Plate

Use this at the bottom of your press release for some added social enterprise context

About Social Enterprises

Social enterprises are businesses which trade for a social purpose that reinvest or donate over half their profits to further this social or environmental mission. They are an increasingly important part of the UK economy contributing £60 billion and employing 2 million people. Estimates are there are 100,000 in the UK. Research carried out by Social Enterprise UK, the membership body for the sector, shows they are outperforming traditional businesses when it comes to start-up rates, turnover growth and innovation. They are also ahead of the pack when it comes to workforce diversity and pay. For more information and statistics see Social Enterprise UK’s State of Social Enterprise Report: The Future of Business and the ‘Hidden Revolution’ report, launched in September 2018 which showed the true scale and impact of the sector.

Social Enterprise Statistics

Use these statistics from SEUK’s State of Social Enterprise Report to show the wider impact and strength of the UK’s social enterprise movement which is leading the way when it comes to start-up rates, innovation, diversity, pay and creating opportunities where they are needed most. Please be sure to reference the report when using these.

Social start-ups – 25% of social enterprises are under 3 years old, three times the proportion of start-ups compared to SMEs (8%)

Working where it is needed most – 28% of social enterprises are based in the most deprived communities in the UK.

Female entrepreneurship – 41% of social enterprises are led by women and over half (51%) have a majority female workforce.

Diverse leadership – The leadership teams of social enterprises reflect the communities where we live and work. 12% are BAME led (The UK BAME population is 12.9%) and 34% have BAME directors.

Paying fair – 78% of social enterprises are paying the Living Wage and the pay ration between the average wages of the highest and lowest paid employees is 2.7:1.

Creating opportunities in touch times – 69% of social enterprises are supporting people from disadvantaged groups and 44% are employing them.

Commercially resilient – 47% of social enterprises grew their turnover in the last 12 months, compared to 34% of SMEs.

Selling to the public – for 27% of social enterprises, selling to the public is the main source of income.

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