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A new approach to tackling health and social care issues.

In 2013 the North East Lincolnshire CCG in partnership with CERT Ltd began a new project with the aim of developing new services,delivered by voluntary organisations and social enterprises, that could impact on the health and social care sector.

The Preventative Services Market Development Board (PSMDB) was tasked with finding and developing organisations with the capacity to deliver new services that met the identified needs of service users, that was additional to any existing services, and that had the capability of becoming financially self-sustaining over a specified period.

The Board is made up of community members and CCG staff drawn from a wide range of disciplines and acts as a mechanism for deciding on where investments are made. More importantly, they add value to the projects by offering their experience and expertise and opening their networks to applicants.

The PSMDB Board consists of;

Lisa Hilder (Chair) - Assistant Director for Strategic Planning

Christine Forman – Community Representative

Rachel Brunton – Head of Finance- Planning and Adult Social Care

Ros Davey – Single Point of Access (SPA) General Manager

The project has clear aims:

  • To “shape the market” for the delivery of services towards self-care and independent living (the “shift to the left”)

  • To act as a catalyst in the ambitions of the CCG to move towards a charging system for some services

  • To enable a shift in the voluntary sector towards charging for services and a contract based method of delivery.

  • Reduction of domiciliary care hours

  • Improved physical and mental well-being – people feeling more safe and secure

  • Increased opportunities for people to be independent and active

  • Reduced re-admissions through supporting referrals for equipment

  • Reduced impact on statutory organisations, i.e., care home provision

Projects have access to practical assistance through a mixture of targeted business and workforce development from a leading social enterprise support organisation (CERT Ltd), seed corn funding and linkages to mainstream services.

The project has been successful in developing new projects that contribute to the supply chain of services available to the residents of North East Lincolnshire and attracted considerable external funding to the health and social care sector that would not have been available to the statutory sector.

Links to the Key Fund enables organisations easy access to social investment if it is needed.

Somewhat unexpectedly the project has also acted as a catalyst in the development of new areas of work where collaboration between traditional service deliverers and the third sector is making a tremendous difference – attracting new financial resources, sharing overheads and streamlining service delivery.

Outputs since 2013

  • Total awards £315,278.16

  • Average Award Size £26,273.18

  • Additional Funds Levered into the area £1,124,967.16

  • For £10 spent by PSMDB, it has attracted an additional £35.68

  • Total Combined funds invested in Community Health Services* £1,100,245.32

  • Social Value created of £2.6m

If you want to know more about the project or would like to apply please visit

where you will find a video, application forms and more information about the project


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